Parental Control [PC-X] is an EVE Online PVP Corporation consisted by the finest Greek collective only. Working now for about 7 years as PC-X in addition to 3 years as a “think tank” under different names sharing common ideas and dreams, we aim high wishing to fulfill those.

We firmly believe in quality over quantity thus filtering is tight, leading to the brightest only, body and soul. Being collective and focused on certain fields and objectives of this game, is what differs us from other Greek corps.

All these years our main efforts have been concentrated on the duo of ISK efficiency and PVP effectiveness. Itchy for success, we have overcome these and now is the time to take it beyond.

This is where YOU come into the picture.

Parental Control [PC-X] is an experienced Greek PVP Corporation fully settled on certain formulas and ideas able to provide maximum game-play. All players are eventually becoming part of the one strong core of pilots and that way that one core gets to grow and recycle.

Whether you are an already experienced player or a day one new-by, there’s room for all. Both ways though, filtering will apply at the very end either straight through PC-X or our training program via Parental Control Academy [PC-A].

All we want to see is healthy, open minded players eager for success through teamwork and common objectives. Mastering the game individually and get to join a large entity is easy. Taking it as a team, as a corporation, as a family up to the top, is the one and only bet.

Aside to PC-X personal goals, we, as well, have always been seeing this tight project as an opportunity to grow and sustain a healthy cell of the Greek community in EVE online.

Don’t waste a chance to try your luck in PC-X. You might be the next of the leading ones of the healthiest Greek PVP Corporation in this game. We, after all, owe it to the Greek community.

We are ready to give you the proper environment and all the “tools” and “supplies” on the road of success.

Are YOU ready to join Parental Control?

Detailed Recruitment Information:

→ Old Players: Parental Control [PC-X]

→ New Players: Parental Control Academy [PC-A]