Parental Control Academy

If you are a New Player and you feel just eager with PVP but maybe not ready in your opinion for it, we are here to change your mind! Experience and a PVP surrounding environment are more important than any skill points or ISK…

As a New EVE Online Pilot, you are offered a slot in our Academy (Parental Control Academy [PC-A]) with potential move to main Corporation at a later stage. In PCA you will be walked through a full training schedule, consisted by 3 steps:

1. You are taught to be self sufficient, making a lot of ISK in short time and therefore being able to sustain your PVP. Yes, it is possible to get to make billions easily and save time for PVP fun.

2. You are taught to survive. Getting to learn how not to get killed is the stepping stone to PVP and actual fight.

3. You are introduced to all PVP mechanics and fleet’s philosophy and regulations. This knowledge will make you a good fighter and a good soldier in time.

6 standards to be met if joining is desired:

1. PVP eagerness. We don’t think this needs some more explanation when we talk about a PVP Corporation and environment.

2. Patience & Stamina. Both for newbie’s from our Academy and for our front line fighters, patience and stamina are number 1 ingredients for PVP success.

3. Team Spirit. Who can’t think large and Corporation/Team-wise has no position here. It is one for all and all for one even if it sounds classic and typical.

4. Whining. If you ever want to get kicked out and you can’t put it down with your own words, just whine. It works the same.

5. Adaptability. EVE is all about adaptability. Politics are so unstable that in many cases you move places frequently or you just stay with your back at the wall fighting. Nothing in relation to these have or will ever have to do with our Corporation’s stability. Therefore being consisted by such pilots thinking like this is vital.

6. Racism. We smell racism – oops kicked! Socrates once said: ‘’… I’m not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world…’’ Respect all nationalities and religions you will meet for sure in EVE in general but also in our respective Alliance and Coalition.

Public Channel: PC-X

Contact Points: Yaomie, TotalFX, Socos, HGP 1976

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