Parental Control

Skilled Greek pilots owning between 15-20⁺m points are potentially able to move straight to the main Corporation, PC-X. The benefits one can find in our main corporation have to do strictly with PVP. More precisely, we offer:

1. Daily combat operations. These have to do either with our Corporation only, fielding in averagely 10-15 Greek pilots and with fleet commanding in Greek, or with our each time Alliance and/or our respective Coalition. The current established state in our regions, can bring in for you lots of kills per day, therefore lots of fun.

2. TS (teamspeak) Communications. This is vital for proper commanding but also a way to get to know each other better. In PCX we are more like a family. On the other hand we are aware that some people avoid using such communications for several reasons. Only thing you have to do to get this all done properly is just listening.

3. Killboards. There you can get a full picture of your steps into PVP and your efficiency. It is a good thing to compete with your mates and brag for any pray you might have caught.

4. Forums. The top of the pyramid in regard to our communications part. General chat, announcements, PVP talks, tips and tricks, all you need to get yourself tuned with Corporation at all times and also another place to have fun and socialize with your mates.

5. Logistics. We have established a full logistic division-mechanism with which our PVP base and ‘’wardrobe’’ in 0.0 and Low Sec. is always packed with lots of ships and gear we all need for our PVP. So, in other words, all you will ever get to worry about is how many more kills you will get a day. Our fighters must be focused to what they like to do and at the same time what they have to do and get no other brain buzz about how where and when they get their ships and stuff to their base.

6 standards to be met if joining is desired:

1. PVP eagerness. We don’t think this needs some more explanation when we talk about a PVP Corporation and environment.

2. Patience & Stamina. Both for newbie’s from our Academy and for our front line fighters, patience and stamina are number 1 ingredients for PVP success.

3. Team Spirit. Who can’t think large and Corporation/Team-wise has no position here. It is one for all and all for one even if it sounds classic and typical.

4. Whining. If you ever want to get kicked out and you can’t put it down with your own words, just whine. It works the same.

5. Adaptability. EVE is all about adaptability. Politics are so unstable that in many cases you move places frequently or you just stay with your back at the wall fighting. Nothing in relation to these have or will ever have to do with our Corporation’s stability. Therefore being consisted by such pilots thinking like this is vital.

6. Racism. We smell racism – oops kicked! Socrates once said: ‘’… I’m not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world…’’ Respect all nationalities and religions you will meet for sure in EVE in general but also in our respective Alliance and Coalition.

Public Channel: PC-X

Contact Points: TotalFX, Socos, HGP 1976

or drop us a message here